there, inside a dark well not a ray of light has entered

i’ve ended watching you love whilst my sorrows sink,

sighs of hope already lost.

i no longer wish for your kisses,

i’ve heard you won’t come

i know how our distance burns you,

i know your nights are colder

i know how your thoughts darken.

oh there cried the voice why have i been shut

i hoped your i love you close by would come

In a cold and sad place where crying was palpable,

the sound of a voice was almost barely audible.

i know you dream of my love, but you don't say it,

i know i’m not hopeless waiting for you.

though, i know you won’t come.

That scream came from afar and a cold crossed my back…

me, you, entitled to each other’s skin,

in which a kiss marked the farewell,

just for a second of our night.

The minutes in there passed forever,

and in my mind an emptiness took over my body.

it’s sad to talk like that.

when the day turns to night,

and our parents no longer let us go out .

i feel lonely, you know.

I began to look for the person for whom i cried ,

i never knew of anything so much in my life,

i only know that I am alone,

that i can no longer feel the fresh air brushing my cheeks .

I don't know why I'm here; I swear I didn't do anything.

my apologies for feeling this way

i had never dreamed of burdening you.

I never dreamed of loving you

not from a distance, windows apart .

When I came to greet him I was holding on to my mother’s arm ,

now my hope dies quicky and quiet, to see the light once

again .

one he once gave.

my life feels stolen because i don’t feel you in my arms .

my hope for living is you

but i am not there.

Dani Urbina