my body, it feels broken every time I move it;

reflects my biggest fears, what I see and want to forget.

all the scars that i ignore reflect and are shown in front of me.

never smelled it nor felt it on my skin,

as if i cannot control it anymore.

not a death wish, just no will.

“I knew you’d stay”;

but the paper clips underneath the closet,

serve more strength than my fingers.

those that can no longer hold a pen long enough to finish a hello,

just how it began.

a replica world rebirths;

and yet all i hear are lies,

from those who call it truth.

i look for where a reflection lays

and i asked the name of the girl with amethyst hair.

though i can no longer trust the words

that my vocal chords form.

Dani Urbina
Geïnspireerd op Virgula, Sasja Janssen